What have we become

In 1913 Russian composer Igor Stravinsky created and produced a ballet called “The Rite of Spring”and the piece was so controversial that it sparked riots and outrage from the audience. The reason for the tension was not due to any lyrics that were spoken or sang, the dancers were fully clothed so that was not an issue either. the reason that it was such a controversial piece was due to the radical nature of the tempo of the music as well as the complete abandonment of the traditional forms of dance of the time period. The fact that this was such a riotous occasion actually caused me to reflect quite a bit on where we are as a society. As I sat there thinking about the events as they transpired I couldn’t help but think about what a cultured and civilized occasion the ballet is. It is something deemed by many in society to be an educational, uplifting and generally wholesome experience, a far cry from the cinema and entertainment of today. How then have we developed as a society since 1913? May I be so bold as to proclaim that in a sense we have actually degraded as a society to such a level that we ought be ashamed? We are in a position that in today’s age we care more about the latest celebrity scandal than we do the advancements being made in art, music, science or anything else of actual intellectual value. Now please don’t misunderstand, I enjoy the odd pulp novel and movie just as much as the next person but I realized today that I know more about some celebrities than i do several of the people I work with on a daily basis. What have we become as a society when we care more about who is sleeping with who or what the latest reality tv show is, instead of trying to grow ourselves in a more positive, intellectual way? That being said I make it my goal (or resolution you may say) to spend 2013 with less time in front of the TV and more time reading, listening to wholesome music and educating myself and I encourage you to do the same. May you have a prosperous new year dear reader.

True Desires

There are many levels of needs and wants in one’s life. Everything from a passing fancy to a true, deep seeded desire all the way to a basic necessity. In that spectrum of needs vs wants where do our true desires lie? What in this life, aside from basic needs, do we require to live and function? Each of us has (or should have) dreams. Those, at least semi-firm goals in our lives that we would like to work toward and hopefully achieve someday. To have these goals is what makes us human. It is what separates us from those in the animal kingdom. But… through the striving and the fighting to achieve those dreams it is also vital that we, from time to time take a moment to reflect on that which we have in the present. We must realize that we are blessed in a multitude of ways and to do this, to make this realization, will not only help instill gratitude in our hearts but will also further propel us towards our true desires. So stop for just a moment dear reader and may you step outside your box of day to day activities and reflect on that which you DO have instead of focusing on that which you do not. Only by doing this will you be able to truly achieve that which your heart desires.